Invoicing software for freelancers

Invoicing software for freelancers

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Conta is a game-changer! It simplifies invoice creation, making daily tasks a breeze.

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Cost-efficient features in our invoicing software for freelancers

Fast and free invoicing

Craft an unlimited number of free, professional invoices customised with your logo and business details.

Recurring billing

Coming soon! Say goodbye to manual invoicing! Set up recurring billing for your subscribing customers effortlessly.

Automatic payment reminders

Coming soon! Conta allows you to configure automatic payment reminders, ensuring timely notifications for due invoices.

Reports on performance

Stay informed about your business performance with detailed reports that facilitate better decision-making.

Manage several customers

Access all your customer information in one convenient location.

Work collaboratively with partners

Collaborate seamlessly by inviting your accountant or any other business partner to work collaboratively.

Frequently asked questions about invoicing as a freelancer

How do I invoice someone as a freelancer? 

Invoicing as a freelancer has never been easier. When you use our invoicing software, you can access the system from everywhere, on any device, and are not limited by time or number of clients. 

How do I make an invoice for freelance work?

There are several elements to an invoice that you need to remember when you are invoicing someone for freelance work. The invoice must contain contact details, invoice number, list of goods and/or services, payment terms, and total amount due. Get the complete guide to making an invoice as a freelancer here.  

How much does the invoicing software cost? 

The Conta invoicing software is completely free of charge – even for freelancers. We offer unlimited invoices, users, and customers, in addition to many other features.

What are you waiting for?

Get started with free invoicing for freelancers

 Unlimited invoicing and no time limit on the free plan.