Download our free invoice template

Download our free invoice template

Create free invoices easily

Explore our sleek and professional invoice templates, editable in Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, or Google Sheets. Tailored to cater to businesses of all types, our templates eliminate the hassle of manual invoice creation. Say goodbye to complex, expensive, or legally insufficient templates – Conta has you covered.

Create a free invoice!

Create free invoices easily

Free download: Invoice templates for self-employed and small business

Many small businesses and self-employed individuals rely on invoice templates for streamlined invoicing. With Conta’s templates, you can effortlessly fill in the required fields, maintaining complete control over the design to suit your needs.

Empowering businesses one invoice template at a time

​​Wondering why we’re offering free invoice templates? The answer is simple – we’re committed to empowering businesses with tools that simplify their operations. In addition to our free invoicing software, we’ve curated a library of templates and helpful business guides.

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Microsoft Word

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Google Docs

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How to use our free invoice templates

Follow these steps to utilise our invoice templates effectively.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Open the template in Microsoft Word, Excel, or Google Docs.
  2. Fill in your business information at the top left.
  3. Add your customer’s details.
  4. List delivered products or services with associated costs.
  5. Total the amount due.
  6. Include relevant details like payment terms, date, and invoice number.
  7. Print or email the invoice to your customer.
How to use our free invoice templates

Advantages of using our free invoice templates

Easy to use

Create your first invoice in under a minute by filling in blank fields.

Customise with logo

Personalise your invoice with custom colours, fonts, and your logo.

Keep track on the go

Automatic calculations

Automatic calculations ensure an efficient invoicing process.

Compare Features: Invoice Template vs. Conta’s Free Invoicing Software

FeaturesInvoice templateConta invoicing
Cost$0$0 – Sign up for free
Email to clients
Track sales and sales tax
Unlimited invoicing and estimates
Send automatic payment reminders
Recurring invoicing
Track invoice status
Add business partners or accountants as collaborators