The 5 Best Invoice Apps (Free and Paid)

Modern invoice apps do more than help you compile beautiful invoices. In this guide, we will explain how you can find the best invoicing app for your business and present five free and paid tools to consider.


Modern invoice apps do more than help you compile beautiful invoices. In this guide, we will explain how you can find the best invoicing app for your business and present five free and paid tools to consider.

The right invoice app can not only help you create and send invoices but help you automate business processes and stay organised.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a free tool to compile invoices or more advanced invoicing software, we have created a list of 5 popular invoice apps for small and medium-sized businesses.

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What do invoice apps do?

An invoicing app is software that helps you create, send and follow up on invoices.

Modern, cloud-based invoicing software also helps you save time and money by easing the billing process and automating formerly manual tasks. Furthermore, they can help you reduce the likelihood of mistakes by helping you fill out fields and notifying you when it detects that information is missing or wrong.

Here are key reasons to choose to invoice apps over invoicing templates:

  • Create invoices in a few clicks: Invoicing apps make the process of creating invoices easier by filling out a number of fields automatically and helping you send the invoice without any manual interaction.
  • Work on the go: As long as you have got an internet connection, you can always create invoices and retrieve reports on your business’s financial development.
  • Spend less time chasing payments: Billing apps can help you track past-due bills by automatically sending payment reminders.
  • Send several invoices at the same time: Many invoicing programs allow you to send invoices in bulk. This is a good feature for businesses that send the same invoice to several customers.
  • Automate invoicing: Use recurring billing functionality to send invoices per week, month, quarter or year on autopilot.

Some invoice apps also offer their own time-tracking apps and a library of this-party integrations to streamline invoicing even further. In sum, these features make invoicing apps a better and more efficient way of generating invoices than templates.

Best invoice apps for small businesses

1. Conta Invoicing: Free Invoice App

Platform: Desktop & Mobile | Pricing: Free

Conta is a popular choice among people looking for a free online invoicing app.

In Conta, it only takes a few minutes from signing up to sending your first professional invoice. The software has a highly intuitive interface in which you type directly into the invoice, making it a good option for newcomers to invoicing.

If you want to streamline your invoicing process, Conta also offers advanced automation functionality such as recurring invoicing and automated payment follow-ups.

Notable features:

  • Create unlimited invoices and quotes for free.
  • Send invoices by email, eInvoice or Print to PDF.
  • Add your own logo to customise.
  • Create recurring invoices.
  • Automate invoice payment reminders to receive money more quickly.
  • Receive payment in several currencies.

Here is an image demonstrating how to produce invoices in Conta by simply typing into the invoice template:

invoice conta
In Conta, you can create invoices simply by filling in the blank fields. Create a free account.

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2. Square

Platform: Desktop + mobile | Pricing: Starts at 2,9 % + $0,3 fee per paid invoice

Did you know that Square, commonly known for its point-of-sale solutions, also have its own invoicing app? Well, now you do.

Square Invoicing allows you to produce invoices and monitor the status of payments in real time. With Square, payments are collected online over email, SMS, or with a shareable link, which results in faster payments. In fact, Square claims that over 75% of invoices created with their system are paid within a day.

Note that Square is quite expensive. They charge 2,9 % of the invoice amount plus a $0,3 fee per payment.

Notable features:

  • Craft invoices with one-click online payments that get paid faster than traditional means of payment.
  • Work on your computer tablet or phone and follow payments in real-time.
  • Send invoices to numerous clients simultaneously using batch invoicing.

3. Freshbooks

Platform: Desktop + mobile | Pricing: $15/month (limited to 5 clients/month)

Freshbooks is a cloud-based accounting system used by 30 million people in more than 160 countries.

Whatever the size of your company, Freshbooks has a package that works for you. Small businesses typically appreciate its simple interface. For larger businesses, Freshbooks is a popular choice due to its wide range of integrations, allowing businesses to connect their accounting software with third-party applications (such as their point of sales system, website and CMS system).

Notable features:

  • Create stunning invoices with your own logo, colours and fonts.
  • Send invoices via email or print methods.
  • Keep track of billable and non-billable hours and generate invoices in no time.
  • Use Freshbooks’ mobile app to work on the go.
  • Accept online payments and get paid faster.
  • Create recurring invoices and streamline your invoicing process.

4. Intuit QuickBooks Online

Platform: Desktop + mobile | Pricing: Starts at $17/month

Much like Freshbooks, Quickbooks is used by millions of businesses.

The main benefit of using Quickbooks over Freshbooks, however, is that their cheapest package includes an unlimited number of invoices per month. It also entails more advanced accounting functionality, which is an advantage if you are planning to grow your business.

Notable features:

  • Create invoices and estimates on the fly directly from your mobile device.
  • Allow customers to pay their invoices using debit and credit cards to pay instantly.
  • Sync with more than 750 widely used apps.
  • Organize your expenses and bills automatically.
  • Save time with smart functionality such as recurring billing and automated payment reminders.

5. Invoice Ninja

Platform: Desktop + mobile | Pricing: Starts at $0/month

Invoice Ninja is an easy and intuitive invoicing software for small businesses. Invoice Ninja is used by more than 200.000 companies and offers a free plan in which one can invoice up to 20 clients. The next plan costs $100/year and includes API integration, invoice protection and removal “Created by Invoice Ninja” among other benefits.

Notable features:

  • Choose between 4 free invoice templates.
  • Accept online one-click payments.
  • Keep track of your inventory.
  • Create projects and track billable time.
  • Alerts when Invoices are viewed and paid.

How to choose the best invoice app for your business

When selecting the ideal invoicing app for your company, we advise that you go by the following guidelines:

  • List your needs: Create a list of all your must-haves and disregard the software that does not meet those requirements.
  • Choose simple: Make your invoicing process as effortless as possible by choosing software which meets your needs – and no more than that. There is no point in overcomplicating things with complex software that has numerous features you never use.
  • Pay attention to price: Some invoicing software has cheap starter plans and charges you heavily when exceeding certain thresholds. Make an estimate for your invoicing volume per month and choose the software that meets your needs at the lowest cost.

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