Mobile invoicing for small businesses

Mobile invoicing for small businesses

Mobile invoicing, what is it?

Mobile invoicing is the art of constructing, sending, and overseeing invoices directly from your smartphone or tablet. Invoices are formal documents that request payment, usually sent from a business owner to a client after the completion of a transaction. 

Mobile invoicing, what is it?
A simplified invoicing process via your device of choice

Conta boasts a responsive design, ensuring seamless invoice management across all your devices – no software downloads are required. Conta simplifies invoice creation, dispatch, management, and organisation, whether on a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. 

A simplified invoicing process via your device of choice

How to create invoices with Conta

1. Start creating the invoice

Log in to Conta or create a free account. Navigate to “Create an invoice” to kickstart the process using a user-friendly template. Add your logo via “Settings” before crafting your initial invoice.

2. Add client details

Next, you should start filling in client details. If you have invoiced the client before, Conta will automatically help you fill in the required fields (ie. company name, email, address etc) based on your selection in the customer list.

3. Provide a detailed description of items sold

Name items, specify prices, quantities, and the date of delivery—Conta will compute total costs based on your input.

4. Specify payment terms and review your invoice

Clarify payment terms, preferred bank account, and due date. Before hitting “send,” review the document for accuracy.

5. Send the mobile invoice

Once satisfied, hit “Send” to dispatch the invoice via email or eInvoice. Alternatively, download it as a PDF for postal mail.

Top reasons to use mobile invoicing in Conta

Boost your efficiency and finances

Boost your efficiency and optimise finances

Conta is more than just a tool for simplifying your invoicing. It’s a free and efficient solution that not only improves processes but also reduces both direct and indirect administration costs.

Keep track on the go

Work on the go

With the option to create mobile invoices in Conta, your business is as mobile as you are. This means that you can effortlessly manage invoices from your phone and tablet, ensuring uninterrupted productivity on the go.


No usage limits

Create as many invoices as you like when using Conta. There is an unlimited number of customers and products as well. Conta is free no matter what.

Frequently asked questions about mobile invoicing

What does mobile invoice type mean?

Mobile invoice type refers to the different types of invoices that exist, which depending on your industry, product and clients differ from each other. Examples of different types of invoices are proforma invoices, commercial invoices, recurring invoices and final or standard invoices.

Can I use Conta to send invoices? 

Yes, in our cloud-based software you can send the invoices directly to other systems. Send them as email, eInvoice or print to PDF. Check out the other features in Conta.

Is Conta a free invoicing system?

Yes, Conta is free of charge and you can use our invoicing software on mobile devices, as well as on laptop and desktop. Get started today.

Is mobile invoicing safe?

Online security is a major concern regardless of device. There are risks associated with mobile invoicing, however minimal. Our software developers do everything in their power to ensure safe and secure online transactions. While the risk is present, the reward of mobile invoicing is much greater.

What are you waiting for?

Get started with free mobile invoicing

 Unlimited invoicing and no time limit on the free plan.