Restaurant billing software

Easy and intuitive billing software for restaurants and bars.
Create an unlimited number of free restaurant invoices

Are you a restaurant owner in search of free billing software? Look no further! Conta is a free invoicing software for restaurants, bars and other small businesses. Create an unlimited number of free invoices and spend less time managing invoices in Conta.

Create an unlimited number of free restaurant invoices
Get access from anywhere

Conta is an online invoicing software, meaning that you can create, send and manage invoices from anywhere with an internet connection. The software is also mobile-friendly, Generate invoices on your phone, tablet or laptop!

Get access from anywhere
Smart automation functionality for restaurant owners

As a restaurant owner, you have always got a lot on your plate. With Conta as your billing software, you can free up a lot of time by automating the distribution of late payment reminders. You can also create recurring invoices that are sent automatically from period to period (ie. monthly, quarterly or yearly).

Smart automation functionality for restaurant owners

What is restaurant billing software?

Restaurant billing software is a digital tool that helps restaurant owners and managers to streamline their invoicing and billing process.

By automating the billing process, our user-friendly software enables restaurant owners and managers to save time and money. In Conta, you can easily customise your invoices with your restaurant’s logo and notes. Our software also allows you to send invoices directly from the platform via email, or save them as PDF files and send them manually.

Our restaurant billing software not only streamlines your invoicing procedure but also offers you thorough reporting and sales tracking tools. You may download the data as a PDF report for more research or access the data in dashboard mode for quick insights.
Conta is completely free to use, so you can enjoy all the benefits of modern billing automation without spending a dime. Try our restaurant billing software today and experience the convenience and efficiency of digital billing for your restaurant business.

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Do I really need dedicated invoicing software?

Are you wondering whether you truly need dedicated invoicing software for your restaurant business? The short answer is “yes!”.

By using invoicing software like Conta, you can ease the invoicing process drastically. The software automatically populates key fields such as company information, dates, and invoicing numbers, which reduces the risk of human error and saves you time on billing tasks.

Additionally, with the ability to send invoices directly from the software, you can free up your valuable time and focus on other critical business tasks. The software also provides late payment reminders, which can significantly increase the likelihood of getting paid on time and improve your cash flow.

Overall, invoicing software can benefit your company in a number of ways, such as by increasing productivity, reducing errors, and increasing payment collections.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I create an invoice in Conta?

Creating a restaurant invoice in Conta is easy! Here is a quick guide to help you get started:

1. Create your free account and log in to your dashboard.
2. Click the “create an invoice” button.
3. Customise the invoice by adding your own logo and a custom message to the customer.
4. Fill out necessary fields, such as customer details, products or services rendered and the amount due.
5. Once you have filled out all fields, click the “send” button and choose to send the invoice via email or download it as PDF.

That is it! With Conta, invoices are created in under a minute. Give it a try by signing up in this form.

Why do restaurants need an invoicing program?

Given the high failure rates in the industry, running a profitable restaurant can be a difficult task. According to statistics, 30 per cent of newly opened restaurants fail within the first year. The companies that do succeed, however, are those that can run smoothly and make wise choices.

One crucial way to work smarter and more efficiently is by using invoicing software. Invoicing software provides several advantages to restaurant owners and managers, helping them to stay on top of their billing and accounting tasks.

By using invoicing software, you can generate accurate invoices quickly and reduce the risk of errors that can lead to financial losses. Additionally, invoicing software can automate certain tasks, such as sending late payment reminders, which can improve your cash flow and reduce the need for manual follow-up.