PDF invoice template

PDF invoice template

What is a PDF invoice?

PDF invoices are human-readable invoices that are created, sent and received electronically. The most accessible and affordable way to create and send PDF invoices is by using free invoice software such as Conta. Invoicing software provides more functionality than a template, such as automated reminders, payment tracking and the ability to generate reports. Yet, some people prefer invoice templates. With Conta, you get both. Our designers have created several downloadable templates that can be produced and sent as PDFs.

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What is a PDF invoice?

Free PDF invoice format

As a small business owner, you might find yourself juggling countless responsibilities every day. You are building interest in your products, serving customers and working hard to make your business a success. With so much to do, it can be challenging to find time for invoicing and other administrative tasks.

That is where Conta comes in. Our free PDF template and other invoicing tools can help you streamline the invoicing process and reduce your time on paperwork. Without professionally designed PDF invoice format, you can create invoices in seconds – without the hassle of starting from scratch.

One of the main benefits of sending PDF invoices is that they can be opened and viewed on any device and operating system. That means you can send your invoices with confidence, knowing that your clients will be able to view and process them quickly and easily. PDF invoices are more cost-effective to distribute than paper invoices, which can cost between $12 and $30 each.

Our PDF invoice template is also customisable and allows you to add all the necessary information for each client. And because the template is easy to use, you will have more time to focus on what really matters – growing your business!

So why wait? Get started right away:

Other invoice format options

Online invoicing

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Microsoft Word

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Google Docs

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Download an invoice template

Did you know PDF invoices do not necessarily have to be created in a PDF reader? Although PDFs are visually appealing, they lack flexibility compared to other formats. Some people prefer alternative options such as Word, Excel, or invoice generators like Conta.

To determine the best choice for your company, browse our collection of templates and tools:

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How to save an invoice in PDF format

No matter what software you use to edit invoice templates, it is the same procedure for saving the invoice as a PDF. To create a PDF version of the invoice, follow these steps:

  1. Open the invoice in your preferred word processing or spreadsheet software.
  2. Go to filesave as (ie. Microsoft Word or Excel).
  3. Select your computer as the destination.
  4. Select PDF in the drop-down menu.
  5. Click on Save to download the PDF version of your invoice.

When the PDF-Invoice is ready, you can send it to your customer as an email attachment.

PDF invoice template vs. invoicing software

Although most invoices are in PDF format, they are sent with invoicing software, not PDF writing software. An invoicing software is a tool that allows you to create invoices quickly and easily without having to spend time designing them from scratch. 

People use invoicing software for many reasons. Here are some of the most important benefits:

In the following table, we compare invoice templates to our free invoicing software, enabling you to make an informed decision on which option to select:

FeaturesInvoice TemplateConta invoicing
Cost$0$0 – Sign up for free
Email to clients
Track sales and sales tax
Customer management
Send automatic payment reminders
Recurring invoicing
Track invoice status
Add business partners or accountants as collaborators

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an invoice in PDF format?

There are three ways of making an invoice in PDF format: Either you download a template, create one by yourself or use invoicing software. The easiest way is using invoicing software. Our free invoicing software, for instance, allows you to create professional-looking PDF invoices with your own branding in seconds.

In Conta, generating a PDF invoice is easy and straightforward:

Step 1: Create the invoice by filling in the blank fields.
Step 2: Click “next”.
Step 3: Download the PDF or send the invoice directly from Conta.

Create your free account.

How do I edit a PDF invoice format?

Our PDF invoice format is a customisable document that you can edit and add all the information you need to make a valid invoice. To do this, download the invoice format and open it in an editor to make changes.

Once an invoice is created and sent in PDF format, it becomes a fixed document that cannot be edited by customers for security reasons.