Payslip template 

Payslip template 

What is a payslip?

A payslip is a document that outlines details of an employee’s pay each period. It shows the total amount earned, less deductions for things like tax, and includes information such as employee and employer information, gross pay, net pay, tax deductions, and contributions. All employees and workers are entitled to a detailed written payslip – when, or before, they’re paid.

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What is a payslip?

Component of a payslip

A payslip must include

While showing leave balances is best practice, it’s not legally required. However, employers must provide leave balances upon request.

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Download our free payslip template for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Spreadsheet payslip template

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Using the payslip template

To utilise a payslip template effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Customise the template: Tailor the template to match your company’s payroll system, adjusting for payment frequency, tax deductions, and any unique benefits or allowances.
  2. Input employee data: Gather accurate information such as personal details, hours worked, gross pay, deductions, and net pay, then enter it into the template’s designated fields.
  3. Calculate deductions and net pay: Utilise built-in formulas in the template to accurately compute taxes, social security, and insurance premiums, ensuring compliance with current regulations.
  4. Review and verify: Double-check the payslip for accuracy, ensuring all information, including gross pay, deductions, and personal details, is correct before finalising.
  5. Distribute payslip: Once verified, either print or electronically distribute the payslip to the employee, maintaining records for company payroll and compliance purposes.

Advantages of utilising a template

Instant and easy

Create payslips quickly and intuitively with our template.

Customise as you wish

Tailor fields, layout, and design to match your branding and requirements.

Download and print as you need

Access and print payslips as required for your business needs.