Free receipt template

Free receipt template

What is a receipt?

A receipt is a written acknowledgement that something of value has been transferred from one party to another. It is an official record that represents proof of a financial transaction or purchase. Receipts are used to document payments and business transactions, and they are issued in business-to-business dealings as well as stock market transactions. In accounting, receipts can also refer to the total cash inflows over a specific period of time.

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What is a receipt?

Download our free receipt template

Choose one of our three templates to get started. Our templates can be customised with logo and brand colours. Email as PDF or send to your customer via mail. Check out our free invoicing software for small and medium businesses for future jobs.

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What information should be included in a receipt?

A receipt typically includes the following information:

  • Date and Time of the Transaction: States when the transaction occurred.
  • Value of the Transaction: Indicates the amount of money involved in the transaction.
  • Type of Service or Product: Describes the service or product being provided.
  • Method of Payment: Specifies how the payment was made, such as cash, credit card, or check.
  • Details of the Vendor: Includes the name and, in some cases, the address and contact information of the seller.
  • Any Additional Taxes or Fees: Lists additional charges, such as taxes or fees.
  • Signature: In some cases, a signature may be required.
What information should be included in a receipt?

How to create a receipt using our free template

Creating professional receipts for your business transactions is now simpler than ever with our free receipt template. Follow these easy steps to generate a customised receipt that reflects your brand and professionalism:

1. Download your preferred template

Choose from our selection of three templates (Word, Excel, or Google Spreadsheets). Click on the desired format to download the template to your device.

2. Customise with your logo and brand colours

Make your receipts uniquely yours by adding your company logo and selecting brand colours that align with your business identity. This customisation enhances brand recognition and adds a professional touch to your receipts.

3. Fill in transaction details

Open the downloaded template and input the necessary information. Include the date and time of the transaction, the value of the transaction, a description of the service or product provided, and the method of payment.

4. Include vendor information

Ensure you provide accurate details about your business as the vendor. Include your business name and, if applicable, address and contact information. This establishes credibility and makes it easy for customers to reach out if needed.

5. Calculate tax and additional charges

If there are any additional taxes or fees associated with the transaction, clearly list them on the receipt. This transparency helps in providing a comprehensive overview of the financial transaction.

6. Review and save

Double-check all the details to ensure accuracy. Save the receipt in your preferred format (PDF, Word, Excel) for future reference or sharing.

7. Email or mail to your customer

Choose the most convenient method to deliver the receipt to your customer. You can email it as a PDF attachment or send a hard copy via mail. This prompt delivery reinforces professionalism and keeps your customer well-informed.

Receipt sample

Below is receipt sample created with our free receipt template:

Conta Receipt Template for Word

Why you should use our free receipt template

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It is completely free and ready for prompt delivery to your clients.

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The template automatically computes both subtotal and grand total amounts, saving you time and effort.

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Tailored from the ground up to align seamlessly with the specific requirements of your unique business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is invoice vs receipt?

An invoice is a document issued by a seller to a buyer before payment is made, indicating the products or services provided and the amount due. It serves as a request for payment.

A receipt, on the other hand, is a document issued by the seller to the buyer after payment has been made. It acknowledges the receipt of payment and provides a record of the transaction.

Does Excel have a receipt template?

No, Excel doesn’t have its own receipt template. However, we offer a free receipt template in Excel format. Download it to easily customize, fill in transaction details, and generate professional receipts using Excel. This template is designed to streamline the process and save you time and effort.