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Generate an unlimited number of free invoices with our free invoice generator tool.
Generate proffesional invoices for free

Conta’s free online invoice maker lets you create and send free invoices. The invoice generator has a user-friendly interface which allows you to easily add and manage clients, save contacts, companies and payment details, and create custom invoice cycles for recurring invoices.

Generate proffesional invoices for free
Create as many invoices as you like

There are currently no usage limits on the number of free invoices you can create and send. Generate an unlimited number of invoices and send them directly to the customer via email or download as PDF. Conta ensures that the necessary elements are included and shown in the right format. 

Create as many invoices as you like
Automate the invoicing process

Conta offers automation capabilities that can help you streamline your invoicing process. You can set up recurring invoices and automate the billing cycle. Our invoice generation software can also automatically send payment reminders to clients, ensuring timely payment. With these automation features, you can save time, reduce the risk of human error and grow your business.

Automate the invoicing process

How to make an invoice using Conta’s free invoice generator

To create an invoice using Conta’s free invoice generator you have got to sign up for a free account and click the “Create invoice” button.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create an invoice in Conta:

  1. Enter the client’s information, including name address and contact details.
  2. Add information about the products or services you are asking payment for, including quantities, prices and applicable taxes.
  3. Review the invoice to ensure all information is correct.
  4. Download as PDF or send as an email directly from Conta!

Optionally, you can set ut the invoice as a recurring invoice, meaning that it will be sent out automatically from period to period (ie. weekly, monthly or yearly) to automate the billing process.

How to send an invoice

Invoices can be sent in several different ways. The three most common formats are:

Conta’s free invoice generator supports all the above formats.

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Invoicing essentials

For an invoice to be valid, there are some key components that you need to include. Here are 8 things you should include in your invoices:

  1. Invoice number
  2. Date of issue
  3. Name and contact information of seller and buyer
  4. Description of goods or services provided
  5. Quantity and price of each item
  6. Total amount due
  7. Payment terms and due date
  8. Tax information (if applicable)

💡 PRO TIP! Make customers aware of late payment fees and use polite language. This has proven to increase the chances of timely payments significantly.

Benefits of using an invoice generator

There are many reasons why you should use an online invoice generator (such as Conta) instead of an invoice template.

First invoicing becomes much more efficient. Fields (such as your company information, invoicing date, and invoice number) are automatically filled out and you can send the invoice directly from the software instead of manually generating invoice emails.

The process of following up on late payments also becomes easier. Invoice generators make it easier to keep track of payments and can help you send out payment reminders automatically.

Lastly, modern invoicing software allows you to send invoices in various formats, allowing you to send invoices in your customers’ preferred formats. An increasing number of businesses, for instance, require that one send eInvoices – which are not possible to generate or send without an invoicing app.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I create PDF invoices?

Yes, you can download invoices as PDFs and send them manually or send the invoice directly from the software via email.

Can I change the currency?

Absolutely! Invoices can be sent in whatever currency you want.

Do I need to add a due date on my invoice?

In order for an invoice to be valid, it needs to have a due date. The due date is the time in which you expect the payment to have been completed.

Can I put my own logo on the invoice?

You can customise your invoice by adding both your own logo and custom notes.

Can I save invoices, customers and products?

Conta stores all your invoices, customers and products so that you can use them the next time you make an invoice and keep track of who you have invoiced (and what products you have sold) for future reference.

I need to create recurring invoices. How can I do that?

Recurring invoices are created directly from the invoicing interface. When creating an invoice, hit the “recurring invoice”-button and set your preferred time interval (ie. weekly, monthly or quarterly).

Can I add a different tax rate?

Yes, you can adjust the tax rate based product or service you are selling.