The best invoicing software for self-employed

The best invoicing software for self-employed

Create professional invoices effortlessly

As self-employed you know the benefits of having efficient workflows in place. With the invoicing software from Conta, you can limit administrative costs and time spent on sending out invoices manually. Thanks to features such as recurring billing and automatic payment reminders, you will never miss a payment again. 

Customize the invoices to your business

It is easy to create professional invoices and you have the freedom to select your desired invoicing method (PDF, email, or print), as well as adding your logo and payment information to the template. Streamline your invoicing process and impress your clients with professional invoices.

Customize the invoices to your business
Save money through our hassle-free invoicing software for sole traders

At Conta, we believe that the cost of billing should not limit the number of invoices you make. We do not want our invoicing software to halt you as a sole trader from expanding and growing. Therefore, our invoicing software is completely free and has no hidden costs or subscriptions. It is time to focus on your business rather than unnecessary invoicing costs!

Save money through our hassle-free invoicing software for sole traders
Invoicing and accounting software for sole traders on the go

Since you are self-employed, prompt payments have never been more important. To ensure cash flow, you are dependent on a reliable income, and the earlier you send an invoice, the higher the chance of getting paid on time. With Conta, you can create and send invoices from any device, allowing you to invoice customers whenever you want – even when you only have a mobile phone available.

Explore the advantages of mobile invoicing

Invoicing and accounting software for sole traders on the go

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Conta is great! It allows us to create invoices easily and makes everyday life easier.

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Sole traders love the features in our invoicing software

Effortless invoicing

Invoicing has never been easier! Conta guides you through a simple step-by-step process, facilitating quick invoice creation.

Recurring billing

Coming soon! Eliminate manual invoicing with automated recurring billing for subscribers.

Automatic payment reminders

Coming soon! Never miss a payment deadline — set up automatic reminders for unpaid invoices.

Comprehensive reports

Stay informed about your business performance to make strategic decisions.

Customer management

Centralise customer information for efficient communication and a lasting impression.

Collaborative work

Invite your accountant or business partner to work collaboratively within Conta.

Resources to help you succeed as self-employed

In Conta we want to where we can to ensure that your business is thriving. Where we can pitch in is on invoicing and administrative tools. We have over a decade of experience working with sole traders and our team is eager and ready to assist you in navigating Conta’s invoicing software. Please go explore our big collection of resources as well, which is meant to inspire and guide you through the process. Here you can find guides to invoice creation, sending and follow-ups.

Resources to help you succeed as self-employed

Frequently asked questions

What is the best accounting software for a sole trader?

The best accounting and invoicing software for a sole trader must improve financial accuracy, simplify administrative processes, and have time-efficient benefits. Our invoicing software checks all the boxes. In addition, it is 100% free and simple to use. Compare Conta with other softwares here

Do sole traders need to use invoicing software? 

As a sole trader, invoicing softwares will help you to handle administrative and basic tasks in an efficient way. These tasks are also obligatory to carry out when you run your own business, meaning that there is no way of escaping them even if you try. You use the software to create and send invoices, ensure prompt payments, and get an overview of income and clients. 

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