Cookies on websites are neither crazy nor sweet, but all the more useful. And much more slimming.

Cookies are small text files that contain data about users who visit websites.

What are cookies used for?

So-called persistent (read: lasting) cookies are used to store data on your hard drive between your visits. These files enable the website to see that you are a returning visitor and customize your experience accordingly, for example by remembering that you are logged in to the site. This type of cookie is replaced with new data every time you visit a given website. The duration of such cookies can vary from days to several months. This expiration date is built into the file.

A more short-lived type of cookie is called a session cookie and only stores information during each visit. This can be language selection, colour selection or other settings. The information is deleted after the visit is over by, for example, closing the browser window.

Some cookies originate from the website itself, and others – so-called third-party cookies – may originate from an embedded video e.g. Youtube.

Cookies and security

Although you should always take security seriously when using your browser, cookies are completely harmless. The small files stay out of the way and allow you to benefit from better functionality on the websites you use daily.

Pretty cool, actually!

Where are cookies stored?

Cookies are stored on your hard drive in a folder belonging to your browser. It will vary where they are located depending on your operating system and browser. They are very small and therefore take up almost no space at all.

Cookies on Conta’s websites

At Conta, we use cookies to make the user experience as good as possible across all the browsers and gadgets that visitors use. Cookies are not used to identify individuals when they visit us, but we collect statistics that allow us to see how many people visit us every day, which pages are most popular and also remember your settings.

In addition, cookies are used by advertising networks such as Google Ads. If you first visit Conta and then another website that displays ads from Google, there is a greater chance that you will see an ad from Conta. The link disappears when the cookie is deleted or expires.

Can I turn off cookies?

Although it is possible to turn off cookies in the browser, you will lose the opportunity to use Conta since the service depends on cookies to function. You will probably find that the same thing happens with the vast majority of online programs you use.

What does the law say about cookies?

GDPR requires that you give consent to the use of cookies. If you use this website with the setting for cookies switched on in your browser, it means that you have given this consent.

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