What is a shareholder register

All companies are required to maintain a register of their shareholders. This register must contain an overview of the names of the company’s shareholders, the number of shares held, share classes, and the amount paid and unpaid on the shares.

The shareholder register is a list that clearly specifies the current owners of a company. In addition to the active owners, the register also contains the names of the people who have previously owned shares in the company.

The shareholder register is a valid legal document that every single company, whether private or public. According to the Companies Act, the shareholder register is a public document that can be inspected by both the investors of the company and the regular public.

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What should a shareholder register contain?

A shareholder register should contain the following information:

  1. Shareholder details: Upon an individual or entity acquiring shares within the company, their complete name, whether as an individual or a corporate entity, along with business identification number, must be meticulously recorded in the shareholder register. In the case of jointly held shares, the names of all joint shareholders should be explicitly stated.
  2. Share classes: In the instance of a company having multiple classes of shares, the share register should explicitly outline them.
  3. Number of shares: The share register is obligated to document the precise number of shares held by each individual shareholder.
  4. Amount paid and unpaid: Transparency is paramount. The share register should provide a clear breakdown of the amount paid and unpaid for the shares held by each shareholder.
  5. Changes to shareholder details: The share register demands timely updates to reflect any alterations in member particulars. This includes changes stemming from share conversions, share buy-backs, and share cancellations.
  6. Access to the share register: Ensuring transparency and accessibility, any interested party possesses the right to peruse a copy of a company’s share register.

Where is the shareholder register located?

The shareholder register of a company is usually located at its registrated office adress. It is possible to have it located at any other premises of the companys choice, but in order to do so the company has to seek the approval by the government and provide a valid reason for a such move.