What is a customer list

A customer list is exactly what its name implies: a list of a company’s clients. Names and addresses are included in the customer list, which makes it simpler to maintain track of the clients. A customer database is another name for a client list.

Customer lists can often be exported and imported into various systems, such as invoicing software like Conta. This makes it easier to transfer such information if you switch programs. If you have lists outside of software, you will need to transfer the lists manually.

Which businesses use customer lists?

There are many different industries that use customer lists. The content of the lists will vary depending on the relevant information for the industry.

An accounting firm will have a customer list of all their customers with regular contact information, in addition to having access to their accounting. A carpenter will have phone numbers and names of all customers, perhaps an email address and information about projects.

However, if you have a clothing store, you do not have an overview of all your customers. You may have a selection of customers who have signed up to receive newsletters or become members of the customer club. Apart from that, documentation of transactions is what a store has. It is not common for stores to have customer lists of all customers.

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