What is a supplier list

As the name suggests, a supplier list is a list of suppliers to a company. A supplier list is also called a supplier directory. It is a systematic overview of current and previous suppliers that usually includes names and addresses.

Supplier lists are useful when recording deliveries of goods and services in the accounting. You can find all the information about the delivery and the supplier in the list. Suppliers have a corresponding list of customers, called a customer list. Here they also find the information they need about customers to contact them, send invoices, or review previous purchases.

Which companies use supplier lists?

Many different industries have supplier lists. The lists will vary depending on what information is relevant to the industry you work in. A supplier list does not have to be particularly complicated, and you decide how detailed the list should be.

Many companies have connections to at least one supplier for services or products. For companies that have many suppliers, a supplier list is necessary to have a good overview.

An example is a clothing store. The clothing store has clothes, shoes, jewelry, and bags. These come from different suppliers. To have good control over deliveries, which suppliers deliver what, and prices, it will be time-saving to have a good overview. It also contributes to more professionalism in the company.