What is an invoice template

An invoice template provides a standardised framework for creating multiple invoices, ensuring uniformity across all billing documents. However, adherence to invoicing regulations is imperative.

The use of applications like Microsoft Word or Excel for invoice templates is feasible and widely used by many businesses. These applications allow businesses to create professional and compliant invoices that meet the necessary documentation requirements, including unique invoice numbers, details of the buyer and seller, description of goods or services, pricing, and tax information.

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What should an invoice template contain?

Guidelines are precise about invoice contents:

  • A unique invoice number in a consecutive format
  • The supplier’s business name and contact details
  • The date the invoice was generated
  • A clear description of goods or services sold
  • The total amount payable, inclusive of GST if applicable
  • Payment terms and necessary bank details for settlement

Should you prefer to print invoices, only pre-numbered forms purchased from a stationer or those generated by certified invoicing software meet the legal requirements.

The Advantage of Invoicing Software Over Templates

When you use an invoicing system you unsure that you have all requirements met. In an invoicing system like Conta you also get a digital storage of all your invoices.

Templates are a good solution if you need to send one invoice only.

By switching to an invoicing software, companies can embrace a more streamlined, digital approach to financial management.

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