What is a packing slip

A packing slip is a document that is included with a shipment and should contain information about the supplier, recipient, delivery date, and product information such as product name, quantity, weight, and price.

In other words, a packing slip is what you include with a batch of goods that are sent to the customer from the supplier. A packing slip is also called a shipping note and is something that all businesses that send goods should adhere to. It should serve as a confirmation to the customer of what has been sent.

Verify the invoice with the packing slip

A packing slip is not the same as an invoice or an order. A packing slip is an overview of what is in the shipment and specifications regarding weight and size. Therefore, you should keep the packing slip until you have received the invoice. Then you can verify that the contents of the invoice match the contents from the packing slip.

A packing slip usually does not contain information about value or price, only product specifications.

If the invoice is missing important information, you can attach the packing slip as a source document when you bookkeep. You do this in the same way as you normally enter vouchers in your bookkeeping.

You are obligated to keep the packing slip

In general, you need to keep most records for five years. This period begins from the time you either created or acquired the records, or concluded the transactions (or activities associated with them).