What is advance payment

Some types of invoices can be sent in advance with advance payment.

Most invoices are sent after the delivery date of a product or service, and therefore involve a deferred payment.

When can advance payment be demanded?

When one pays in advance, it is an advance payment, but sending an invoice in advance is usually not allowed. Here we will look at the exceptions where it is actually allowed to invoice in advance:

Typical cases where advance invoicing is allowed, and makes logical sense due to the nature of the service, are:

  • Mobile and other service subscriptions such as broadband, streaming services, etc.
  • Magazine subscriptions.
  • Bus and train tickets.
  • Tickets for events, such as concerts.
  • Restaurants where one pays before being served (hungry at McDonald’s?).
  • Rent or office rent.

The invoice must still meet all the requirements, even if you request advance payment. 

You can of course use Conta to send invoices in advance, as long as you make sure it is in cases where it is legal.