What is invoicing

Invoicing is a way to demand payment for goods and services by sending a document to the customer that shows how much should be paid and who it should be paid to. You have probably received some of these over the years! 

Invoicing is also usually based on credit, which means that the goods or services are delivered first and then the customer is invoiced afterwards. It is based on trust that the customer will settle the payment.

An exception to invoicing in arrears is subscriptions, such as mobile bills or cable TV: here you pay in advance.

What can I use for invoicing?

The best option is to choose anĀ invoicing software. If you choose Conta, you get an invoicing program that is easy to use and meets all the requirements for what an invoice must contain.

It is also allowed, but quite impractical, to use pre-printed invoice forms that you can buy at the bookstore.