What is invoice scanning

Invoice scanning refers to the process of converting paper invoices into electronic format by scanning or photographing them.

The transition to digital

The need for invoice scanning arises when you no longer wish to retain paper copies of old invoices, which may have been printed on traditional pre-numbered forms, and prefer to have a digital archive instead.

Compatibility with invoicing software

If you’re utilising invoicing software, such as Conta, these programmes typically store invoices in a digital format automatically, which means there’s no necessity to scan printed invoices back into your computer.

Retention of original documents

Once you have securely stored a digital copy of an invoice or receipt, it is not compulsory to keep the paper original. This digitisation ensures that your documents are both more manageable and environmentally friendly.

The persistence of paper receipts

It’s worth mentioning that in the retail sector, paper is still frequently used. A receipt functions as an invoice, commonly referred to as a cash invoice since it verifies a cash transaction. By accurately recording the document digitally, the need to hold onto the paper original is eliminated, providing that the legal requirements for electronic documentation are met.