What is a sales document

A sales document shows which goods or services have been sold by a company and what they cost. It can be an invoice, a bill, or a receipt, for example. You use it as proof that something has been sold or purchased, and attach it as an attachment when you bookkeep in your business accounting. 

You need an invoice system or a cash register system to create a valid sales document.

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What should a sales document contain?

There are strict rules for what a valid sales document should contain. These are the minimum requirements:

  • Date of purchase.
  • Invoice or receipt number (machine-printed or pre-printed).
  • Seller’s name and organisation number/business identification.
  • Name, address, or organisation number of the buyer*.
  • A clear description of the item or service.
  • Quantity, amount, or scope of the product or service.
  • Place and time of delivery.
  • Price of the item or service.
  • Due date for payment (if not paid on the spot, for example in a store).
  • Value added tax and other taxes if applicable.

How to bookkeep a sales document

If you buy or sell goods or services, you must enter the sales document in the accounting. This is the most common thing you do when you keep accounts, so you will definitely have to bookkeep receipts when running your own business. 

The sales document should be an attachement when you enter the transaction into your accounting.