What is a CSV file

CSV (Comma-Separated Values) is a text format designed to transfer large amounts of data between databases in an effective way.

CSV files are simple text files that organize data into a table format. This makes CSV files a good option for transferring data easily, especially when you can’t connect two databases directly.

A major benefit of CSV files is that they can manage numbers without issues related to formatting, different software, or font sizes. Their versatility saves time by cutting out the need for typing in data by hand.

When do I need a CSV file?

CSV files are really helpful when you need to move data from one program to another. For example, imagine you need to transfer financial reports from a company’s accounting system to an annual accounting program. Since these programs usually don’t directly connect, using a CSV file can make the data transfer smooth and accurate.

While you could manually input data into the other program, downloading a CSV file is a better choice because it’s more precise and saves a lot of time. Whether you’re pulling reports from an accounting system or putting data into an annual accounting program, a CSV file makes the process much easier.